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Drone connection issues

  • Make sure you have used your drone with the DJI app first - it will need to be activated with a DJI account, and beginner mode turned off.


  1. Unplug and Plug back in the USB cable – Look for the notification that asks what app you would like to use. If you do not see this notification, it is most likely that the DJI app is set as default. Proceed to step 2.

  2.  You may have to clear the DJI Fly application defaults. Please follow these instructions. Go to:

    • Settings > Device Settings > Applications > Applications Manager

    • Find “DJI Pilot or Fly” App

    • Go to “Set as Default” and then click “Clear Defaults.”

  3. Unplug and plug back in the USB cable again – you should now see the notification that asks what app you would like to use – choose Skippy Scout.

  4. Make sure that the Skippy Scout and DJI apps are not running at the same time, as they will interfere with one another, so Force DJI Fly or Pilot to close:

    1. Close the DJI Fly or Pilot app

    2. Go to ‘Settings’

    3. Choose ‘apps and notifications’

    4. Find DJI Fly or Pilot on the list and tap it
      You might need to choose ‘see all apps’

    5. Tap “Force stop” & confirm


Camera check issues

  1. Close the Skippy Scout app
    Be sure to force-close it on Android

  2. Open DJI Fly or DJI Pilot app

  3. Go to the flight screen, make sure the drone is connected, and take a photo
    Also try resetting the camera settings, check the drone has space for photos, and check for any errors

  4. Close the Fly or Piot app
    Be sure to force-close it on Android

  5. Open Skippy Scout and try again!


Drone flight issues

  • Restart everything and try again.

  • Are you using a Mavic 3 E or M? Please remove the RTK antenna if you are not using RTK as it causes interference with normal GPS



  • Check you max altitude and distance settings in the DJI Fly or Pilot apps
    If these are set to low values, it can cause issues, ideally set altitude to over 100m and distance to off or max
    Android remember to force-close the DJI app before using Skippy

DJI Pilot



Scout Sphere Issues

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