Using Scout Spheres

Captured via Skippy Scout automated drone flight in a matter of minutes, Scout Spheres provide a full field overview viewable online from anywhere minutes after a flight.

To capture a Scout Sphere, choose one of the Sphere options when conducting a flight with Skippy Scout:


Spheres can be viewed via links sent by email when they are updated, or via the web portal here.


Scout Spheres are best viewed on larger screens such as tablets on computers


Scout Spheres provide:

  • A whole field overview - Evaluate, Collaborate, Plan
    Captured from 100m above the center of your field, you can look in any direction with a birds-eye view to identify crop variance and potential issues, and to collaborate and plan with colleagues.

  • View average Scout data
    You can see the average analysis statics for the field based on the last scouting date.

  • View Scout Points in high detail - Perfect for ground truthing via drone
    Click on a scout point to view the most recent image and analysis data for that point, click the image to zoom right into the full leaf-level detail.

  • Add new Scout Points
    Capture a Scout Sphere first, then use it to identify crop variance or potential issues, right click to add a scout point at that location then fly a scouting mission to capture close-up images to ID the issue.

  • Measure lengths
    Choose ‘Measure’ and mark points to draw a line…

  • Use as a map for application planning
    Click the downward arrow on the bottom nav to view the field as map

  • Maps are automatically extracted and synced to you Skippy App as Fieldmaps too
    Allowing you to view the latest map and use it for planning


Find out how a user saved £43/ha targeting herbicide with Scout Spheres:
view Case Study | view How to

video: Scout Spheres Overview

Make measurements in Spheres

Terrain-aware measurements can be made:

  1. Choose ‘Measure’

  2. Click a starting point, then multiple points to draw a line

  3. Click confirm and wait for the calculation


Tip: Hide fields first to remove the boundary if you want to measure hedgerows etc

Areas and exports coming soon… for now take a screenshot!






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