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The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise and Multispectral drone system support RTK GPS
You’ll also need:

  • An RTK attachment for the drone

  • Access to RTK correction from a network

  • A stable internet connection
    Phone hotspot ok, 4g dongle/portable wifi ‘MiFi’ better!

  • A Skippy Scout Enterprise account

Feel free to contact us if you need any of the above!


When you are not using RTK, please remove the antenna from the drone, as it can cause issues with normal GPS!

1. Using the RC Enterprise controller

We’ll assume you have Skippy Scout installed and know how to use it…

2. Activate RTK in DJI Pilot

Once you’re on location and ready to fly…

  1. Power on the drone at take-off position

  2. Open the DJI Pilot app (be sure to force-close the Skippy app first)

  3. Go to settings and the RTK section

  4. Ensure you are connected to a stable internet connection

  5. Connect to an RTK network, enter your network RTK login details

  6. The RTK status should go from ‘converging’ to ‘connected’
    This will take a few minutes, wait for a solid connection

3. Use Skippy Scout with RTK

  1. Force-close the DJI Pilot app

  2. Open Skippy Scout, choose your field and scout now

  3. On the flight screen wait for the check, and GPS should read ‘RTK

  4. You’re ready to fly - tap ‘fly now’

  • Sometimes you will need to wait a bit for the RTK to connect - don

  • Don't try and fly under normal GPS - it wont work with the RTK antenna attached, take it off first.

  • You may need to jump back into DJI Pilot to check the connection when doing multiple flights/after each flight - that means force closing the other app etc etc… we’re working on making this more seamless!