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  • How to use Skippy Scout

    Skippy is a mobile app that can be downloaded for use on a smartphone.

    Skippy will automatically fly your drone to selected points in a field and send you high resolution, leaf level images and a whole field overview.

    Then Skippy analyses the captured images and sends you a field report, with % healthy crop, unhealthy crop, weeds and insect damage.

    The whole process takes minutes, not hours.


    You’ll need:

    • A compatible drone system
      Check out the list of compatible models, or contact us and we’ll sort you out!

    • An iOS or Android device
      The newer, the better, or some drone systems come with Android built-in


    1.1 Sign up to Skippy Scout

    Sign up for an account → https://client.skippy.farm/register

    Or contact us and we’ll get it sorted for you

    Once signed up, you’ll get a QR code on-screen, its also emailed to you, keep it on-screen or be ready to access it, you’ll need it in step 1.3. Or take a photo of the QR code now with the device you’ll use for Skippy.

    1.2 Download the Skippy Scout app for your device


    ← Use the links, or search ‘Skippy Scout’ on the app store.

    Or if you’re using the DJI RC Pro or Enterprise controller, the process is a little different → https://droneag.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SS/pages/1646100491

    1.3 Activate the app

    Open up the app and be sure to grant all the required permissions - Skippy needs access to your location, Bluetooth and photos to work properly.

    Then you’ll need to use your QR code to activate your account.

    You can scan the code with your device camera, or choose saved image of the QR code:

    Scan the code

    1. On another screen, get the code up on-screen
      Or print it!

    2. Choose ‘scan code’ on the Skippy Scout app

    3. Frame the QR code in the camera view
      You might need to move closer or further away to register it

    4. The app should now activate and start syncing your account.

    Use a saved code

    1. If you took a photo of the QR code already, nice. If not, open the email you received when you signed up on you device.

    2. Save the QR code image on your device.

    3. In the Skippy Scout app, ‘choose image from reel’

    4. Select the QR code image and the ap should activate and sync your account.

    Having issues? You might need a new QR code for some reason, login to your account (https://client.skippy.farm/) and go to ‘Activate new device’ to see a new code, and try that!

    2.1 Add your first Farm and Field

    1. Open the app and choose ‘Map

    2. Tap ‘add new field

    3. Tap the field you’d like to add on the map

    4. Choose ‘Create Field

    5. Type the name of the farm this field belongs to
      Or if you already added the farm, choose ‘select farm from list’

    6. Type the Field name

    7. Choose ‘Save
      If you’re in England we’ll get the field boundary from our database
      If not, you’ll need to draw the boundary
      You can also import many field boundaries at once if you have them in other software → Import field links

    8. You can edit the boundary if needed or re-draw it, otherwise choose ‘save boundary

    9. Next, ‘select crop type’ that is growing in the field

    10. Then, add the planting date for this crop and choose ‘Set Crop

    11. Optionally add the see rate, or skip this step

    12. Optionally set the row direction for the crop, or skip
      Important for row based crops like Potatoes, useful for all crops as the image direction will match.

    13. Done! You can now take a Scout Sphere of your field
      That's a high level field overview

    screen recording added here

    2.2 Add Scout Points

    Adding Scout Points to the field tells the drone where to go to capture close-up images with leaf-level detail for analysis.

    1. If you’re still on the screen for the field you just added, choose ‘Add Scout Points
      Or, from the home screen navigate to the field on the map and tap it, or choose map > fields & farms list to find the field.

    2. Tap on the map within the field boundary to add points
      You also have a few other options for scout points…


    Automatic Grid

    You can use the default Scout Point Grid group.
    This is fast and simple and will give you even coverage across the field.

    Coming Soon


    Import a map to guide point placement.
    Satellite maps from another app? Soil maps? Yield maps? Use them to add scout points in areas of the field that are different.

    Scout Sphere

    Capture a Scout Sphere first and use the Spheres interface to place scout points
    Get a whole field overview fast, and within minutes use it to add scout points.

    See how to capture on in the next step…

    groups how to link



    Once you’ve added some Scout Points, you can do a full field scout flight…

    3.1 Your first Flight

    New drone? Make sure you activate it and fly it in the DJI app first

    Used your drone at all yet? Read the manual, watch an intro video and go for a fly. Then its time for Skippy Scout to take over.

    Used your drone at all yet? Read the manual, watch an intro video and go for a fly. Then its time for Skippy Scout to take over.


    Try and choose a take-off location that gives a good line-of-sight of the whole field, to avoid signal loss and to allow you to monitor the drone flight.


    Charge your batteries, and go to the field you added above.

    1. Get the drone out, ready to fly and power it and the RC controller on

    2. Connect the RC controller to your device running the app if needed

    3. Launch the Skippy Scout app, choose ‘Scout Now’, select the field → ‘Scout this Field’

    4. You’ll enter the landscape flight screen, if you haven't connected the drone and RC yet, do it now
      Issues? Try unplugging and plugging back in!
      For Android → https://droneag.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SS/pages/1648656385/Using+Skippy+Scout+on+Android#Drone-connection-issues%3F

    5. Once connected, the app will run a camera and storage check on the drone and wait for a GPS position lock, then you’re ready to fly!
      Issues? →

    6. Now you can choose what kind of flight you like to do:

    Scouting Only Flight

    The drone will automatically fly around the field collecting close-up images of the crop.

    These are then analyzed to provide crop metrics.

    Sphere Only Flight

    The drone will automatically fly high above the center of the field and capture images in all directions.

    These are then combined to provide a 360 degree aerial view of your field.

    Scout Sphere Flight

    This combines both flights into one, and take the longest.

    The drone will capture the Sphere overview, then drop down and fly to capture close-up images at each point.


    3.2 Choose FLY NOW


    1. Tap Fly Now to begin the flight

    2. The drone will take off and proceed to its safe flight height for that field

    3. Then it will fly to the first point and begin capturing images
      Monitor the drone flight via the screen - be aware of any other aircraft approaching the field
      You can choose ‘pause’ to hold the drone at its current location, or ‘fly home’ to initiate the drone returning early.

    4. Once the flight is complete, the drone will return to land and images will begin downloading from the drone to your device.
      Be sure not to power of the drone or controller until this is complete.

    5. Once the image download is complete, your flight is complete.
      Image upload to our servers will begin if you have an internet signal.
      If not, images will be uploaded for analysis once you acquire internet signal.

    6. Your results will be emailed to you once processed, usually within 10 minutes of upload being complete.


    You can also access you data in your account portal →

    See below for guides on specific functions.



    More specific how-to guides

    Take a look amore specific guides for your setup and use cases…

    Need help?

    Contact us: https://www.skippy.farm/contact/

    www.skippy.farm // Copyright 2024 Drone Ag Limited