Using the DJI RC Pro/Enterprise

Currently the Skippy Scout app will install and is functional on the RC Pro and RC Enterprise controllers from DJI.

It will work with the DJI Air 2S, Mini 3 Pro and the Mavic 3E and M and soon the Mini 4 Pro

page short link:

To install the app initially…
(app updates are then automatic after your first install)

1. Install the app

  1. Browse to this page on your RC Pro Firefox web browser…

  1. install the correct version for your drone.

You’ll find your files in the ‘downloads’ folder on the RC Pro

  1. Go to ‘Files’ > downloads > choose the ‘skippy_scout_xxx.apk’ file

  2. It will say ‘unknown’ and ask if you wish to continue
    You may need to go to setting and give Firefox permission to install apps

  3. Choose ‘Install’



Open Files



2. Activate the app

  1. Get an activation QR code by logging into your account on your RC Pro…

Login > go to ‘Activate new device’ > tap and save the QR code image

  1. Open the Skippy Scout App
    It maybe on the second page > swipe left on the main screen (tap and hold to move it to the main screen)

  2. Choose ‘Upload QR code from gallery’

  3. Choose the QR code image file in ‘downloads’




Automated Updates

Once the app is installed and activated, any future updates will be handled automatically, when prompted please follow the instructions to update the app.

You can also visit the install links above to install a fresh new version if you prefer.

Air 2S/Mini 3 Pr RC Pro users - please note you will need to delete the current app and install a new one via the link above before automatic updates will work.


3. Sort out some settings

We need to make sure the DJI doesn’t interfere with Skippy!

  1. On the controller home screen go to ‘Settings’

  2. Choose ‘apps and notifications’

  3. Scroll down to ‘auto start application selection’ and choose it

  4. Choose either ‘None’ or ‘Skippy Scout’
    be sure DJI Fly/Pilot is not selected.
    If you choose Skippy, it will auto-open when you turn on the RC.

Force DJI Fly to close:

  1. On the controller home screen go to ‘Settings’

  2. Choose ‘apps and notifications’

  3. Find DJI Fly/Pilot on the list and tap it

  4. Tap “Force stop” & confirm

Important note: whenever you open DJI Fly, it must be forced to close before using Skippy, otherwise it will interfere with Skippy’s control over various drone functions.






Finally! Once Skippy is open, please do a full manual data sync (press ‘sync now’ on the home screen) while you have wifi!



Known issues…

  • On occasion, the RC Pro, drone and drone batteries all require firmware updates. Please check your firmware is up-to-date by opening the DJI Fly or Pilot. Once updates are complete, please restart both the drone and the RC Pro.

  • Make sure that the Skippy Scout and DJI apps are not running at the same time, as they will interfere with one another, so Force DJI Fly or Pilot to close:

  1. Close the DJI Fly or Pilot app

  2. On the controller home screen go to ‘Settings’

  3. Choose ‘apps and notifications’

  4. Find DJI Fly or Pilot on the list and tap it
    You might need to choose ‘see all apps’

  5. Tap “Force stop” & confirm



Change your background image to make it more Skippy

Navigate to this page on the RC Pro ‘Firebox’ browser and tap, hold and save the image

Home screen > settings > display > wallpaper > gallery > 3rd one along > choose the image!

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