Nitrogen for Wheat

Agrii agronomist, Andrew Lowe, has been using Skippy Scout’s Green Area Index to recommend Nitrogen rates for Cereals, saving over £43/ha*

*Based on the average price of Nitrogen in 2022

Using Skippy Scout £49.3/ha was saved on average

over the Winter Wheat operation

On one of his customers' farms, Andrew managed to save the grower between 58 kg/ha - 69 kg/ha across multiple fields of winter wheat.

For the harvest 2022 season farmer Will Green grew a Winter Wheat variety called Costello after a crop of oats. The average yield achieved for this on the farm is usually in the region of 8-8.5 t/ha.

“We would normally stick pretty much to RB209 recommendations for fertiliser applications, which last year said we would need to apply 220kg/ha of nitrogen to achieve our target yield,” he says.

However with the use of Skippy Scouts GAI values and Andrew’s SMN tests, it was shown that the crop only needed 151 kg/ha. This was then applied in three splits throughout March, April and May 2022. Two other fields produced similarly low recommendations of 152 kg/ha and 162 kg/ha of Nitrogen.

The sizeable savings across the 4 fields in today's market are a good enough outcome, moreover when it came to harvesting those three fields Will said: “The highest yield came in at 9.4t/ha, pretty much the best we ever get here, with an average of 8.25t/ha, which, considering the massive savings we saw in fertiliser costs, was a great result,”


Skippy Scout flies a drone automatically via an iOS or Android app
Skippy Scout captures close-up images which are then analysed to provide crop metrics within minutes.


Field Breakdown:

Field 1 (12 ha): 69 kg/ha saving = 828 kgs.

Field 2 (5.1 ha): 68 kg/ha saving = 346.8 kgs.

Field 3 (3.94 ha): 58 kg/ha saving = 228.52 kgs.

Field 4 (2.32 ha): 58 kg/ha saving = 134.56 kgs.

Total N savings = 1,537.88kg

Average price of N in 2022 = £747.50/tonne

Total Savings = £1,149.57




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