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Skippy Scout Questions

We built Skippy Scout as a way to make field walking/crop scouting more efficient through the use of affordable drone systems, which many farmers and agronomists already own.

Think of it as a much faster, more detailed way to scout crops/quadrat sample. It’s like the the field scouting apps you get on your phone, but your phone can fly around the field…




Yes/kind of, we have testers all over the world! Skippy in general should work anywhere in the world, however we are testing and developing it in the UK market first.

Our field boundaries system currently works in the UK. More areas will be available soon, and you can draw or import boundaries too!

Drone Questions

You’ll need a DJI drone. We recommend the DJI Air 2S or Mavic 3 Enterprise drones.

In the UK current rules state that if you are a farmer and you are operating a drone on your own land, you do not need a license. Though you must operate within the law/flight restrictions – see question 9.

If you are operating a drone for some kind of commercial gain, and not on your own land, then you will need certification in the form of a PfCO. Please talk to our partners at Heliguy for more information.

Finally, the rules are changing at the end of this year! Soon operating a small drone in rural areas classed as low risk (ie not near an airport) will not need a license, commercial or otherwise.


More soon!

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