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  • Using Skippy Scout on iOS

    The iOS app can be used to manage your farms and fields and view data. For flight, only the DJI Air 2 and Air 2S are compatible, for other drones, use Android → https://droneag.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SS/pages/1652817922

    1. Get the Skippy Scout App on the App Store

    2. Activate the App

    When you sign up, you get a unique QR code, scan it with the app, or save it and open it with the app to activate your account.

    OR: Get an activation QR code for your account HERE

    Login > go to ‘Activate new device’ > tap and save the QR code image

    example code

    3. Add your farms and fields and make your first flight

    Add your farms and fields in-app. Boundaries for England will load automatically.



    Check out our troubleshooting pages: Troubleshooting


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