Using Fieldmaps

Currently available on iOS
Coming to Android soon


Field map import allows you to bring almost any type of map into the Skippy Scout app. These maps can then be used to guide scout point placement, allowing you to ground truth and monitor your crops, based on the map, with close-up imagery, collected automatically by drone!

  1. Open the Skippy and go to a field

  2. Tap the 3 dots for extra options

  3. Choose Field maps

  4. Tap Import Fieldmap

  5. Choose the map image location, or use the camera
    Save images from a website, or another app, or screenshot another app, or use the camera to take a photo of a printed map, or a map on your computer screen

  6. Be sure the map image is good quality and taken as square-on/top-down as possible

  7. Once selected, the map image will appear overlayed on your field

  8. Use two fingers to rotate and zoom the image until it matches your field boundaries

  9. Then tap crop, and if you’re happy, save it

  10. Then name it

  11. This map is now saved and available as a field map layer

How to screen recording


Suggested map sources

  • A free satellite map app - try Yara Atfarm, screenshot maps and import them

  • Your farm management platform - use satellite maps, yield maps, seed rate maps… etc!

  • Google Earth or Maps

  • Paper maps!

Use cases for Fieldmaps

There are many use cases to explore, here’s a couple we like:

  1. Import an NDVI satellite map to see field variance, and add scout points to areas that look different, then scout to measure true GAI or weeds.

  2. Use a seeding map to check and measure crop establishment after vari-rate drilling.

  3. We even used an old drainage map to keep an eye on flooding in a field!

Auto-generated maps from Scout Spheres

  • Scout sphere maps are auto extract and appear as a fieldmap layer in your app.

  • These provide an up-to-date overview of your field, ideal for marking scout points on weed patches etc!

  • Simply do a Sphere flight and the maps will be automatically synced to you iOS app.


Find out about: Scout Spheres

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